Policy Positions

CSSA’s vision is for a compassionate and just Australia, a place where all people are
treated with respect and have the opportunity to fully participate and contribute to society
and live a dignified, healthy and meaningful life.

We look to our elected representatives to prioritise people experiencing poverty and
vulnerability, through the development and implementation of social and economic policies
that increase opportunities for all people to realise their potential.

Download a copy of CSSA's election priority areas.

These fact sheets below outline CSSA's position on three vital areas of public importance in Australia at this time.

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Dropping off the Edge 2015

Dropping off the Edge (DOTE) 2015 maps disadvantage in every state and territory and identifies the web of factors that must be addressed for these communities to thrive.

CSSA submission to the Interim Report on Welfare Reform (8 August 2014)

Read the submission.

An Australian Entitlements Commission

A proposal for an independent commission to inform decisions about the adequacy of pensions and other income support payments.

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Roles and Responsibilities in Housing and Homelessness (4 March 2015)

CSSA's response to the Housing and Homelessness Issues Paper which is a component of the Reform of the Federation White Paper.

CSSA is a founding member of the Australian Catholic Housing Alliance (ACHA).

The ACHA promotes the use of church land for housing, in order to overcome some of the current barriers to affordable housing for people on low incomes. The ACHA respects the dignity of all individuals and their right to safety and shelter. By creating affordable housing opportunities, the ACHA aims to provide a stable, secure environment where individuals can connect to the wider community and access employment and training.

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Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA)

CSSA is part of CAPSA, an Alliance formed to turn hearts and minds to compassion. We dream of an Australia that welcomes and respects people seeking asylum.

CSAA response to Guardian for Unaccompanied Children Bill (18 Sept 2014)

Read the response.

CSSA submission to Human Rights Commision National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention

Read the submission.