Shaking faith: the Taylor and Westpac scandals

By Joe Zabar. The current controversies engulfing Westpac and the Federal Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction have a number of things in common: judgement, or the lack thereof; a perceived difficulty in recognising right from wrong; and inflicting adverse effects on their respective institutions. Read more at Eureka Street.

Catholic network ready to be part of a solution for people suffering across the country

by Joe Zabar Those facing drought conditions – and now bushfires – across large swathes of eastern Australia are going through countless emotions – despair, helplessness, hopelessness, fear and anger, to name a few. With dams empty, rivers stagnant and pastures reduced to dust, this drought is the worst since the 1940s – even longer in...

Jobs key to reviving flailing economy

With a softening labour market, it is time for the government to focus on job creation and targeted fiscal stimulus. The government would be wise to lift Newstart and home in on families with children by increasing Family Tax Benefits. Finally, we should pilot a jobs guarantee program for those over 50 and people...