COVID-19 Response

The whole world is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to impact us in our local communities.

Across our nation and in our communities, though we are affected by social distancing, restrictions on social gatherings, isolation, and general uncertainty, we are all working to ensure we care for our elderly and those marginalised in our society.

For over 60 years, Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA) has assisted and promoted better social policy programs for some of our most disadvantaged and marginalised people. We have seen a significant increase in people seeking services provided by our Members.

Our Members have worked hard to find new and innovative ways to continue delivering their quality and much-needed services and supports.

Giving voice to those impacted by COVID-19 has been one of CSSA’s great challenges this year. Our publication Spirituality, Leadership and Sustaining a Caring Workforce” reminds us of the work of our staff and volunteers in times of crisis like this.

Pope Francis has called us all to respond with kindness and generosity, to reconnect with those around us and to value the friendships and relationships we have across generations. This is an extremely difficult time for our World, our nation, and our communities.

At CSSA we will continue to influence for reform, and be a strong, robust and distinctive Catholic voice for disadvantaged people and communities in Australia.