Government Net Zero plan has little for low income families

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Low income families around Australia should take little comfort from the Government’s Net Zero 2050 plan which remains silent on how electricity prices will be pushed down for those struggling to meet power bills.

Francis Sullivan, Chair of Catholic Social Services Australia, said today that while the Prime Minister and his Energy Minister are doing somersaults spruiking the protections for mine workers, people on low incomes will continue to struggle to cover the most basic of bills, electricity.

“What we haven’t seen in the net zero plan is how the Government intends to protect disadvantaged families and communities who are sure to be left behind if, as the Prime Minister says, ‘the market’ will provide all the answers to our climate change problems,” Mr Sullivan said.

“As we have seen for decades ‘the market’ has very little concern for the underprivileged and the disadvantaged.

“We know for a fact and from generations of experience that when it comes to sharing the benefits of market-driven changes the underprivileged are always left behind.

“Nowhere in the Government’s plan is there talk of putting in place large scale energy efficiency programs for social housing or rental stock that would drive down energy prices and benefit the environment.

“Nowhere is there talk of how the poor can gain access to the types of energy efficiencies such as solar panels that are commonplace on the roofs of homes belonging to the wealthy and affluent.

“Once again this Government is leaving behind an ever-increasing group within our community who are regularly struggling to make ends meet,” Mr Sullivan said.

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