Agency Heads Meeting and Advocacy Event

Metropolitan Cathedral Of The Immaculate
CSSA Dinner

Welcome to CSSA’s Agency Heads Meeting and Advocacy Event Recap!

We invite you to explore the highlights of our recent Agency Heads Meeting and Advocacy Event, where CSSA members from every corner of Australia converged in Canberra for two impactful days. Our goal was clear – to engage in vital discussions with influential decision-makers, including Ministers, policy designers, and senior advisors, forging connections that amplify the Catholic voice for social justice. The event culminated in a special dinner at the prestigious Hyatt Hotel on November 28, where we were honoured by the presence of The Hon Minister Brendan O’Connor, Minister for Skills and Training. His insights into critical reforms, particularly in rural and remote areas, added a powerful dimension to our collective mission.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in discussions and contributed behind the scenes, no matter how big or small. As the proverb wisely reminds us, “In unity, there is strength.”

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