Christian organisations back post-COVID recovery

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“We vow to provide service and love to all in need without prejudice or judgment — to share our common table with the hungry, to bring warmth and care to the frail, and to proportion our common wealth among the poor and destitute,” said organisations including World Vision, Wesley Mission, Bible Society Australia, Mission Australia and the Presbyterian Church.

The joint letter from the Christian community organisations was handed to Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday as part of a day of meeting with him, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and a number of relevant government ministers.

The organisations cover a range of Christian concerns in the spheres of education, social services, aged care, Indigenous health, disabilities and international development.

The “Church Community Restoration Project” is in Canberra, not to lobby but to seek opportunities for Christian organisations to partner with government and each other.

Dr Ursula Stephens, CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia, pointed out how Christian collaboration with governments is key to good outcomes. “Faith-based organisations provide more than half of all welfare services in Australia, and those represented here today recognise the vital role they can play in restoration in response to the impacts of COVID-19.”

In his address to the group, Mr Albanese quoted Pope Francis and Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge in his argument that Australia had a rare chance to “shape the future and emerge from the pandemic as a better and fairer nation”.

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