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Aboriginal men in Bourke are caught in a tyranny of disadvantage.

“As an Aboriginal male myself who has dealt with his own trauma, I understand the barriers that are facing our men today, grief and loss, depression, domestic violence, sexual assault, incarceration are all traumas causing our men to turn to drugs and alcohol.”

A lot of men have lost their connection to culture. The Bourke Men’s Centre is about creating a safe space for Aboriginal men to meet, to attend to men’s business, to share stories, to learn from each other and to reconnect with their culture and community. Therefore re-establishing their identity and becoming role models to young men and boys.

With assistance from Mary Ward International – the social development organisation of the Loreto Sisters which operates in Australia and overseas – Oxfam, Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project, Men of Bourke (MOB)and Bourke local services, CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes has established a space to bring life a vision of hope and healing.

A “lot of moving parts” came together: Alistair Ferguson, leader of the project.

In this multipurpose space, Aboriginal men will meet for men’s business giving each other support without judgement and engaging in a range of activities which will be beneficial for them while generating a positive ripple effect on their families and community.


Read more about this fantastic Justice Reinvestment project here

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